Nasdaq completes migration of leading US options market to AWS

Nasdaq completes migration of leading US options market to AWS

Nasdaq completes migration of leading US options market to AWS

The successful migration of MRX marks a Milestone in building the global capital markets infrastructure of the future

New Cloud-Enabled Marketplace Infrastructure Delivers 10% Performance Improvement for Marketplace Players

Nasdaq announced that it has successfully completed the migration of the main Nasdaq MRX trading system – one of its six WE options trading – to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The completed migration marks a major milestone in Nasdaq’s journey to build next-generation technology infrastructure for global financial markets. The new cloud-enabled system, which uses AWS Outposts, continues to deliver low double-digit microsecond latency for end-to-end and order-to-trade processes, in addition to a 10% performance improvement in round-trip latency.

Nasdaq and AWS co-designed the state-of-the-art ultra-low latency computing system for capital markets. The new system achieves the highest standards of performance and resilience, while meeting Nasdaq’s stringent regulatory requirements, including obligations to maintain fair and orderly markets, and to protect investors and the public interest.

In addition to moving other North American markets to a cloud-enabled environment, Nasdaq will leverage lessons learned from the successful migration to create cloud migration plans for its technology customers in the market. These include leveraging a hybrid infrastructure for cloud and edge compute options and providing operators and market participants with additional agility to quickly adjust their operational systems and strategies, as well as their capabilities. of innovation, in order to keep pace with changing industry dynamics.

“Nasdaq is at the forefront of adopting technologies that will shape the future of the global financial ecosystem. We continue to advance marketplace modernization by driving innovation in the underlying infrastructure that enables marketplaces to improve the performance, efficiency, transparency and integrity of the marketplaces we operate,” said Tal CohenExecutive Vice President, Head of North American Markets, Nasdaq. “With our customers, partners and regulators, we will share our knowledge and expertise to support market infrastructure operators around the world and unlock the transformative power of cloud-based technology solutions.”

“Our markets are responsible for transparently transacting hundreds of billions of dollars a day serving millions of investors around the world,” said Brenda HoffmanSenior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, WE Market Systems and Investment Intelligence, Nasdaq. “As a result, our top priority has been to manage our cloud journey while improving our industry-leading latency and resiliency standards that the industry expects from Nasdaq. With the successful migration of MRX, we seek to further expand customer access to cloud-based capabilities including colocation services, market analytics, and machine learning, enabling our customers to adopt new services and technologies with agility and flexibility.

“Nasdaq and AWS are changing what’s possible for capital markets with the migration of MRX to AWS, enabling Nasdaq customers to easily and seamlessly transact billions of dollars every day,” said Scott Mullinsgeneral director, Global Financial Services at AWS. “Nasdaq will use AWS’ proven security and resiliency to build new services while delivering improved low-latency performance. We look forward to continuing to support the Nasdaq as we work together to lead the industry into its second decade of cloud adoption.

Nasdaq announced its partnership with AWS on November 30, 2021making it its preferred cloud provider for capital markets.

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